Wedding Planning Tips From Real Couples

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There’s nothing quite like advice from brides and grooms who have already celebrated their wedding day, so we’ve asked some of our amazing couples who married at Sandhole Oak Barn for their top tips to help you during your wedding planning…

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Enjoy it, even the planning! Keep most of the details to yourself or close friends too. One thing that made our wedding is that the guests knew nothing, which meant they enjoyed it even more on the day.” – Kimberley and Thomas

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A lot of people said it to us but it’s YOUR day, so make sure it’s just how you want it to be. Don’t feel bad if you can’t pick lots of people to be in your bridal party, if they are true friends they will understand. If you want to dance all night then just dance! Don’t feel like you need to overdo it with entertaining and providing for people either – everyone is there for you and will make your day special no matter what!” – Helen and Matthew

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Get a notebook and make lots of lists! Enjoy every moment of planning no matter how stressful it may seem, it’s the build-up to the most wonderful, special day of your life.” – Siobahn and Chris

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Spend your money on the things that are most important to you and don’t worry what other people have done at their weddings. Taking ideas from others is wonderful but ultimately do what makes you happy. Everyone’s priorities are different.” – Katie and Lewis

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Let the small things go, they won’t matter on the day! There may be blips, but you need to remind yourself why you are there. All that matters is that you are marrying the love of your life with everybody that means the most to you. Weddings sometimes bring out tension and politics and it can be quite overwhelming, but just take a step back and think about what is important to you and your other half. The ones that love and care for you will be truly happy for you no matter what. I would also say to trust other people to do things on the day and to delegate!” – Jade and Matt

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Take time out for yourselves on the day to have a quiet moment for just the two of you.” – Hannah and Joe

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My advice to brides-to-be would be don’t rush into anything, think about what you truly want and where your priorities are. It goes so quick that nothing of the process should be a chore or a hardship. If it feels that way, step away and take a break. Get some help – my family were desperate to get involved and when I became overwhelmed and couldn’t see what was left to do, they were such a lifesaver with getting us to the finish line. Finally, talk to your partner! Working together through the whole course of planning made the day more personal because I knew we had made the choices together.” – Rachael and Matthew

For more planning advice, speak to the team at Sandhole Oak Barn and to see how they could help you make your wedding day perfect, why not arrange a visit today? We’d love to show you around and speak to you about your plans!