About Us

Sandhole Oak Barn being build

David and Veronica Worth moved to their home at Sandhole Farm after getting married in 1970. David’s family had farmed the land since the 1920s as tenants of the Capesthorne Estate. The Worth family roots in the area go back even further; David’s mother’s family have lived with a mile of the farm for at least 130 years, while his father moved from the neighbouring parish of Marton (just two miles away) when he married David’s mother in 1947.

Sandhole B&B begins

From 1970, the couple grew mostly cereals and potatoes at the farm, along with raising a few sheep. Then, in 1989, David and Veronica started the Sandhole Farm bed and breakfast business with three rooms in the farmhouse before converting the 300-year-old stable block into the 16 luxury en-suite bedrooms you see today.

The first UK farm wedding venue?

Sandhole Farm held its first weddings in a marquee and the conservatory in 1995. We believe Sandhole was the first farm in the UK to have a licence for civil ceremonies. In 2003, the family created a stunning lake on the part of the land that had been a mere until the 1800s. Then, in summer 2005, the Worth’s unveiled Sandhole Oak Barn, a stunning new venue with more space and cosier facilities for winter weddings.

A stunning new venue, The Oak Barn being build

Turf, Welsh cob ponies and yaks

David and Veronica’s sons Matthew and Roger took over the farming in 2005. They doubled the farm’s size to 400 acres and added turf to the rotation of crops. They also introduced Welsh cob ponies, and later, Himalayan yaks.

The Welsh cob ponie at Sandhole Oak Barn

A family wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn

In 2009, David and Veronica’s daughter Jenny married Bill in the Oak Barn. Bill joined the family business, so continuing the tradition of Sandhole Oak Barn being very much a family affair. Although, as Bill says, “we are very lucky to have lots of happy helpers to ensure we keep the high standards and bespoke approach that are so important to us”.

Jenny and Bill getting married at Sandhole Oak Barn