Sandhole Oak Barn

Is there a minimum number and what is the maximum number of guests?
There is no minimum number of guests but we would usually recommend at least 40 guests for a Civil Ceremony or Wedding Breakfast to make the Oak Barn feel homely. The maximum number for the Ceremony or Wedding Breakfast is 140, and 180 for the evening Reception.

Can we use a Venue Dresser to decorate the Oak Barn?
Yes, we can usually allow them informal access to the Oak Barn from 9am on the day of your wedding to set up. We ask that all large items or decorations on the beams are removed from the Oak Barn by 7am the following morning, and smaller items are collected by 9am unless an alternative arrangement has been made.

Can we use Confetti and Glitter?
You are welcome to use confetti, however, we ask that it is biodegradable e.g. paper or dried flower petals, and only used within the Oak Barn. Please do not use confetti cannons/shooters/fans or glitter (e.g. for table or face decoration) as it gets carried outside, never rots and unfortunately the wildlife eat it.

Can we have fireworks/Chinese lanterns/balloon releases?
No, because of our rural location and potential risk to local livestock and wildlife we are unable to allow these.

Can we drop off our items the day before and Sandhole store them overnight i.e., Wedding Cake, decorations, favours?
Yes, we have facilities to store certain items overnight with prior arrangement.

Could the Oak Barn accommodate a Ceilhi Band?
Yes, the Oak Barn has a large dancefloor (6m x 14m) which works very well for a Ceilhi.

What are the disabled facilities like?
Sandhole is disability-friendly, with wheelchair access to all areas of the Oak Barn and surrounding grounds. There is also a disabled toilet in the Oak Barn with wheelchair access.

What size tables are available?
We have a selection of tables, including: Eighteen 5ft round tables that seat up to 8 guests; Ten 6ft round tables that seat up to 10 guests; Sixteen 6ft x 3ft oblong trestle tables that seat 3 along one side; Two 2¾ft x 2¾ft square “cake” tables; A 5ft x 10ft oval “top table” that seats up to 10 guests along one side

Can we use candles on the tables?
Yes, but we recommend buying the better quality slender & church candles if you use them as the cheaper ones tend to burn down quickly & leak wax everywhere. Please do not put candles on the wooden sill that runs around the walls, or on any of the other non-dining tables. Any candles placed along the aisle during an indoor wedding celebration, or outside on the deck, must be fully enclosed within a covered lantern. Any tealights placed on the dining tables during the Reception, or church candles used in flower arrangements, must be contained in a suitable fire-resistant holder. Where slender candles are used with candelabras, they must not pose a fire risk, especially when they burn down. You are solely responsible for ensuring that candles are used safely.

Can we use patio heaters on the veranda?
No, due to the fire risk, but there are radiant heaters under the Clock Tower.

Is there a music system or digital projector we can use?
Yes, the Oak Barn has a professional music system with speakers distributed throughout the barn. There is a 6-CD player, and a 3.5mm headphones stereo jack which will fit most iPods, phones and laptops. There is a digital projector with a VGA socket and a Mini Displayport adapter for Apple Macs. There are also 2 cordless microphones with stands.

Can we decorate the Small Barn?
Yes, however all decorations would need to be removed by 8.00am the following morning.


Can we use our own caterers?
No, there is an approved caterer, Top Table, that offers a diverse variety of food options. They’re also event organisers and thus help to run your special day. Their contact details are as follows:

Top Table
Annette Glynn
0161 929 6919
Visit Site

Can we have a tasting?
Yes, the caterer will offer a complimentary tasting once you have confirmed your booking of Sandhole Oak Barn.

How soon should we contact the caterer after provisionally booking a date?
We recommend that you discuss your food requirements and obtain a quote from the caterer before you confirm your booking of Sandhole Oak Barn. Top Table offers a wide selection of example menus with prices in their brochure, and are also able to offer other options if required. Please contact them for details.

Do we offer Halal or Kosher Catering?
The approved caterer can offer these types of catering, please contact them to discuss options.


What time can we have access to set up the Oak Barn?
We can usually allow informal access to the Oak Barn from 9am on the day of your wedding for either the bridal party or a venue dresser to decorate the Barn. If there is no wedding the day before then it may be possible to decorate the Barn earlier.

What time does the bar close and the music finish?
Last orders are at 11.45pm and the bar is closed at midnight. All music to be finished by midnight and the Oak Barn will close at 12:30am.

What time should we tell guests to order their taxis?
Carriages at midnight as the Barn needs to be vacated by 12.30am

What time is the Small Barn available from and to?
We can normally allow informal access to the Small Barn, typically from around 10:30am on your wedding morning until 8am the next morning.

The Bar

Who runs the Bar and how do we contact them?
The Bar is run by Top Table, who also provide your catering and wedding coordination. To contact them, please call 0161 929 6919 or email sandhole@top-table.co.uk.

Can you bring your own wine for the Reception and Wedding Breakfast?
Yes, you can provide your own reception drinks and wine for the tables during the wedding breakfast, for which Top Table will charge a Service Charge per person (reduced rate for under 18yrs). This charge covers the overnight storage and chilling of drinks, all glassware, and staff to serve the drinks on the day. The Bar will also be open throughout your drinks reception until 12 midnight offering guests the chance to purchase their own choice of beverages.

How much is Service Charge?
Currently £12 per head for 2024 (subject to change). There is no additional charge if the Bar provide all the reception drinks.

Will Guests be able to purchase drinks from the Bar when they arrive for a Civil Ceremony?
Unfortunately, due to legal requirements, no alcoholic beverages can be served in the Oak Barn prior to a Civil Ceremony or a church wedding, however the Bar will open when the Civil Ceremony has finished or the guests have returned from church. There is a local pub within walking distance of Sandhole though.


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