10 Reasons to have a Winter Wedding

Sandhole Oak Barn looks beautiful in the snow with the sunset in the background

From snowy scenes that make beautiful backdrops to keeping cosy when it’s crisp outside we are sharing with you our 10 reasons for why its great to have your wedding during the winter season!

1. Winter weddings look amazing in Photos! Picture snow-topped trees and warm roaring fires! It adds a new dimension to your photos. Your chosen photographer will have a lot of scope for capturing your day in a romantic winter scenery.

Photo Credit: Shane Webber Photography

2. Availability is improved. Choosing your dream wedding venue will be much easier when opting for an off-peak period. Most sought-after wedding venues are booked out well in advance during peak season.

3. Fabulous faux fur and velvet wraps can be stunning additions to a wedding gown in colder weather. You get the beautiful aesthetic while also keeping cosy!

Photo credit: Steve Bridgewood Photography

4. Planning a winter wedding will mean that your wedding anniversary will also be a quiet time of the year. This means many more of your guests may be able to attend and, if need be, take a day off to celebrate with you as it’s not during the peak wedding season when many people find themselves attending lots of weddings.

5. Winter weather can also be a lot more comfortable clothing wise for men wearing suits, whether it be the groom, grooms men, they won’t have to sizzle in a suit because of the warm weather. It would be similar for the Bride and bridesmaids they won’t feel sticky and stifled in their dresses either!

Photo credit: Carpe Diem Photography

6. It’s the flawless opportunity to serve your favourite comfort food. Just picture those hearty and warming traditional dishes…

Photo Credit: Lee B Photography

7. A dark evening is perfect setting for partying the night away. Dancing in the daylight just isn’t quite the same!

Photo credit: James Tracey Photography

8. Planning an overseas honeymoon? Well winter is a great time to go. There’s no better time to jet off to the other side of the globe and enjoy some sunshine after a stunning and seasonal wedding.

It’s different! We’re all familiar with the gorgeous spring/summer weddings, but winter ones are less frequent and will ensure that your wedding is already a little more original than others you may have attended.

10. A winter wedding opens your world up to a different range of themes and decoration ideas! Many options will have so much more of a wow factor once the sun goes down such as fairy lights and candles.

To see our beautiful venue in detail during the winter season please take a look at our winter pinterest board.