Creative Wedding Table Plan Ideas

Creative Wedding Table Plan Ideas at Sandhole Oak Barn

While it might not sound like the most exciting element of your wedding planning, the table plan is an essential item that can also be a stylish part of your décor and a wonderful keepsake. If you’re in the midst of compiling your wedding ideas, we hope you’ll like some of these creative designs.

The Classic Choice

There is perhaps nothing more elegant than meticulous calligraphy on white card. Add interest through different coloured inks, change the style with your chosen font and decorate with fresh flowers or foliage. Display at the entrance to The Oak Barn to greet your guests.

These classic table plans would be perfect for your barn wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn in Cheshire
Images Courtesy of Frank and Bunny Love and Jack Henry Photography

Rustic Style

If you want to create a more boho look, choose a wooden background for your wedding table plan. Use a simple piece of wood or upcycle a wooden pallet.

This simple but effective table plan is perfect for a rustic barn wedding
Image Courtesy of Taylor Parker Photography

All About Acrylic

Inject some contemporary style to your barn wedding venue with an acrylic table plan. We think this style looks stunning in Sandhole Oak Barn. You might even decide to display it outside.

A clear acrylic table plan looks elegant but also doesn’t take away from the beauty of the venue at your Sandhole Oak Barn wedding
Images Courtesy of Nochta Boutique and Tell Your Story Photography

You’ve Been Framed!

Frame your table plan to make it a statement piece, whether you choose a glamorous mirror or elegant metallic.

An elegant framed table plan is perfect for a barn wedding wedding in Cheshire
Images Courtesy of A Sterling Affair and Christina Sarah Photography

Step Up

Ladders make exceptionally popular wedding props and are especially useful when it comes to seating plans. Display your tables on individual cards and adorn the ladder with flowers – it’s a lovely choice for a country wedding.

A rustic ladder table plan is a great choice for your barn wedding in Cheshire
Images Courtesy of Rose Images and Lola Rose Photography

Get Personal

Finally, think outside the box and look at alternative options. You might make a seating plan that includes photographs of your guests, use a map highlighting your travels as a background or name your tables after wine, movies, film stars or cities.

A photo table plan is a lovely option for your rural barn wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn
Image Courtesy of Ryan Ray Photography

A plant pot table plan is a unique but perfect choice for a barn wedding in Cheshire
Image Courtesy of Fab Mood

A unique hoop table plan will look perfect at your barn wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn
Image Courtesy of Summer Lily Studio

A wine bottle table plan is a simple but original idea for your Sandhole Oak Barn wedding
Image Courtesy of Melani Lust Photography

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